Wednesday, 30 July 2014


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The fox is at the shops. He sees the chicken.
Mr Fox: Hmm! Chicken soup.
Miss Chicken: Oh no! It's Mr Fox!

The chicken has got lots of vegetables.
Mr Fox: Hello, Miss Chicken. Ooh! Vegetables. I like vegetables and I love vegetable soup. Delicious chicken and vegetable soup!

Mr Fox: Can I come for dinner, Miss Chicken?
Miss Chicken: Er … Well, OK, Mr Fox, but you can make the soup. I hate cooking.

That evening, the fox goes to the chicken's house.
Miss Chicken: Good evening, Mr Fox. Please come in.
Mr Fox: Good evening, Miss Chicken. Let's start the soup.

Miss Chicken: OK, wash the potatoes and I can put them in the pot.
Mr Fox: OK, Miss Chicken. Now what?

Miss Chicken: Cut the carrots and I can put them in the pot.
Mr Fox: OK, Miss Chicken. Now what?

Miss Chicken: Peel the onions and I can put them in the pot.
Mr Fox: OK, Miss Chicken. Right, the vegetable soup is ready. Great! Let’s eat.

Miss Chicken: Wait a minute! Please have a bath, Mr Fox.
Mr Fox: I don't like baths.
Miss Chicken: I'm sorry, in my house we have a bath before dinner.
Mr Fox: Er … Well, OK, Miss Chicken.

Mr Fox: Ooh! It's nice and hot. A nice hot bath before nice hot chicken soup.
It’s getting very hot. What's this? A carrot! Potatoes!
Oh no! Fox soup! I'm off!

Mr Fox: HELP!

Miss Chicken: He likes chicken soup, but he doesn't like fox soup! See you later, Mr Fox.

Write a comment and answer the questions.

1. What does Mr Fox really like?
a chicken and vegetable soup
b tomato soup
c vegetable soup

2. What goes in the pot first?
a broccoli
b carrots
c potatoes

3. What goes in the pot next?
a onions
b carrots
c potatoes

4. What goes in the pot last?
a potatoes
b carrots
c onions

5. What vegetables are in Mr Fox’s bath?
a potatoes and carrots
b broccoli and beans
c onions and peas

Monday, 28 July 2014


What animals are there in Old MacDonald's farm?
 Write a comment and tell me.

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Write a comment with 5 numbers from 20 to 100 in words and get extra points.

Thursday, 24 July 2014



This is a clothes shop. 
This shop is special; all the clothes here are recycled!
Old clothes are made into new clothes. The new clothes are made in this shop.
This man is making jumpers. They make T-shirts and dresses too. Look at the hats, T-shirts, dresses ... and bags.  
The clothes are made of different materials. The jumpers are made of wool. The shirts are made of cotton. The trousers are made of cotton too.
What are your clothes made of?

What clothes are you wearing today? What are your clothes made of? 
Write a comment and tell me.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


How many  words can you write in 3 minutes? Longer words score more points!

How many  points did you score? Write a comment and tell me.
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