Monday, 1 September 2014


September is the ninth month of the year and one of four months with 30 days. September (from Latin septem, "seven") was originally the seventh of ten months on the old Roman calendar. 

The zodiac signs for September are Virgo (until September 21) and Libra (from September 22 onwards).

September's birthstone is the sapphire.
The birth flowers for September are the forget-me-not, morning glory and aster.
Wednesday 3rd: Back to school 
Friday 12-Sunday 14: Harvest Festival

Tuesday 23rd: First day of Autumn

Is your birthday in September? 

Tell me at school. I've got a small present for you. 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

SONG: OUR WEEK By George Sánchez


Monday to Friday. It’s a rule.
Monday to Friday. We go to school.
But at the weekend, we are free.
Meet me in town and you can see!

Friday fun – I go to the bowling alley.
Saturday fun – I go to the shopping centre.
Sunday fun – I watch football
In the best football stadium in the world!

Monday to Friday. It’s a rule.
Monday to Friday. We go to school.
But at the weekend, we are free.
Meet me in town and you can see!

Friday fun – I go to the restaurant.
Saturday fun – I go to the ice rink.
Sunday fun – I play football
In the best sports centre in the world.

Write a comment and tell me about YOUR WEEK.
 What do you do on weekdays (from Monday to Friday)?
What do you do on weekends (Saturday an Sunday)?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

MY FOUR DOGS By Natalie López

Hi Mary!
I´m Natalie from class 3A. I've got four dogs. Their names are: LiLi (5 years old), LaLa (3 years old), Cati (2 years old) and LuLu (2 months).


My holidays with my family and my dogs are very funny in Montserrat. I can swim in my pool, I can ride a bike, I can run and play with my dogs.

See you in September. Bye bye, Mary.

Friday, 29 August 2014

MY FISHTANK By Ethan Melgarejo

Hello my name is Ethan Melgarejo. 
My school is Professor Ramiro Jover. I'm in 4B. 
This is my fish tank. I have twenty-one goldfish.
I have many kinds of goldfish. For example a Siam Fighter, a Blue Neon, Clowns...
There is my pineapple under the sea, like in Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I am the Sun. I'm a burning ball of fire. 
I'm very big indeed.
Life on earth depends on me. I am the Sun.

I am Mercury. I'm the closest planet to the Sun. 
I'm a ball of iron.
 I have no moons. I am Mercury.

I am Venus. I'm the same size as the Earth, but I spin the other way and much more slowly.
I have no water. I am Venus.

I am the Earth. The place where we all live. 
There is land and lots of sea so I look blue.
I have a moon. I am the Earth.

I am Mars. I'm a rocky, red planet. 
My mountains are the highest in our solar system.
I have 2 moons. I am Mars.

I am Jupiter. I'm a gas giant. 
I'm the biggest and I spin the fastest.
 I have the biggest moon. I am Jupiter.

I am Saturn. I'm a gas giant. 
My rings are made of ice. 
Titan is my biggest moon. I am Saturn.

I am Uranus. I'm an icy gas giant.
 I'm the coldest planet in our solar system. 
And I have rings made of dust. I am Uranus.

I am Neptune. I'm an icy gas giant.
 I'm the farthest planet from the sun. 
I have many storms. I am Neptune.

We are The Solar System.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


This video and its rights are property of Oxford University Press. 
The share in this blog has no commercial, but educational purposes.


This is Cat.
Cat is an artist and she’s very creative.
She likes books, especially books about art and famous artists. She’s really good at painting.
This is her studio.
She’s got a picture of a tree in a field of purple flowers.
Cat is interested in the shapes and colours in the picture.

She’s got some brown paint for the picture.
The hills have got wavy lines.
The trees are organic shapes.
The fields are in front of the hills.
These fields have got straight lines.
Cat has got a lot of paints and brushes.
There are some primary colours in the picture. 
There’s blue and yellow.
And there are a lot of secondary colours, like green and purple. 
There are warm and cool colours in the picture.
Red and yellow are warm colours. 
Blue and purple are cool colours.
Yellow and purple are complementary colours.
There’s a contrast between the yellow and the purple in this
Cat has got some brown and green paint for the tree.
She’s got some blue paint and she writes her name at the bottom of the picture.
Cat’s painting is quite simple, but it’s very beautiful and peaceful.

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